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We cultivates the mushroom culture! The number 1 mushrooms in Greece


Read our rich history which starts from 1988 and writes new pages until today.


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We have gathered together a series of recipes in order for you to enjoy our mushrooms in a unique way.

Our mushrooms

Agaricus White

Agaricus Brown



A story that started at 1988

The activity of our company in the field of fresh mushrooms has been launched since 1988, starting our cooperation with small domestic units. However, the growing demand of our species has led to the search and import of new varieties of mushrooms from European countries such as the Netherlands, Poland and Italy, directly related to this product.


It is time to be creative in your kitchen!

Our recipes

The number 1 mushroom in Greece


Careful collection, absolutely safe packaging, excellent storage conditions of the products.


Excellent quality, certified according to GLOBALCAP, HACCP and ISO standards.


Large variety of domestic and exotic mushrooms.

Kechagia Mushrooms


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