Our history

Read our rich history which starts from 1988 and writes new pages until today.

At the beginning of 1988, something different starts in Greece … and until today, the work continues!

Our history

Over the Years


The beginning

In the beginning of 1988 something different starts in Greece.

The company starts buying and selling fresh mushrooms, a highly difficult endeavor at that time, since people only knew and used canned mushrooms in small quantities.


The 1st big collaboration

Up to 1997 the company collaborates with small producers, buying small quantities.

In 1997, our first vertically integrated unit of white mushrooms was created. After that, the company assumes exclusively the distribution and sale of mushrooms in northern Greece and as a result the company has grown and our products can be found in supermarkets as well as in restaurants.


The 1st import

In 2000 the demand for larger quantities increased and for this reason the company sought new markets in order to acquire sufficient quantities, since the Greek production could not fully meet the needs of the market. Thus, the company turned to the Netherlands and Italy to import for the first time.


New chapter

The company changes its shareholder structure, establishing its current structure , as the second generation of the family gets in charge.


New market

The company invades a new market and thus begins the import of mushrooms from Poland, since the demand for mushrooms in Greece keeps increasing. The company focuses on Poland because this country is the largest market in mushrooms.


Business ventrue in Athens

Kechagias Mushrooms amidst the financial crisis , succeeds in creating a distribution center in our proprietary facilities, targeting the increasing of sale points throughout southern Greece and the Greek islands.


New challenges

The company starts the production of oyster mushrooms, up to that period it was a trading company. The company creates 10 production tools of oyster mushrooms and produces 20 tons per month.



Having proven in production, it expands the existing unit by tripling the production and from the 20 it now produces 60 tons of oyster mushrooms per month.


Oyster muchrooms quality assurance

As the company grows and imports close to 550 tons of white mushrooms per month and as the demand for oyster mushrooms in our country keeps growing, the company proceeds to a new expansion of the existing unit and reaches 60 production tools , producing now 130 tons per month and at the same time it creates a new substrate production unit. The unit becomes fully vertical and ensures its quality to the maximum.


The company proceeds to the export of oyster mushrooms

Since our company is now looking outside Greece as well, we make the 1st export for oyster mushrooms.

Thus the unit becomes fully vertical and ensures its maximum quality towards the consumers.


2nd leap to Athens

For the best service in the field of retail, the company creates a store in the Central Food Market of Athens.


Transfer to new modern facilities in the area of Thessaloniki

The company is moving to larger and more modern facilities, in order to operate and serve its customers better.


Touching the impossible

The company begins a new investment this time, something that seemed impossible for Greece.

Α white mushrooms productionunit, an investment that exceeds all expectations.

and the work continues…

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